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Te reo māori flash card reader

Te reo māori flash card reader

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Our Māori Flash Card Reader is the perfect learning tool for your tamariki! With 112 cards and 224 commonly used Māori kupu (words), it facilitates language development while helping to ensure correct pronunciation. Users simply insert the flashcard and listen for the kupu (word) to be read out loud.

These flash card readers are the perfect resource for developing both Māori vocabulary and pronunciation. Each kupu (word) is read out 3 times, first plainly then again by syllable, then plainly again. Some also include a relevant sound. Great resource to be used in both the home and in schools. This resource is colourful and auditory making it great for sensory play and all of the flash card words are read in Māori only meaning the user will make a connection between the word and the image as opposed to Māori to English.

  • 112 double-sided flash cards
  • 224 site kupu (words)
  • 1 flash card reader
  • Comes in māwhero (pink) or Kikorangi (blue)
  • Comes in a box
  • Instructions included
  • Charger included
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